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Welcome to Overvaal Dexters

After a rather modest start in 1961 the Overvaal Dexter Club (ODC), then the Transvaal Dexter Club, has developed into and remained one of the most stable and successful cattle breeders clubs in South Africa.

The primary objective of the Club is to develop and promote the Dexter breed, not only in South Africa but also beyond our borders. In this regard we have been consulted and visited by breeders and interested persons from England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various Southern African countries.

It is the firm belief of Club management that the wellbeing of a breed starts with the breeder, and that an informed breeder is a successful breeder. Special care is therefore taken to ensure that breeders, old and new are kept informed of any changes to the breed standards or other decisions by the Dexter Cattle Breeders Society of S.A, under whose auspices the Overvaal Dexter Club functions. In this way stud and commercial breeders alike are kept abreast of new developments.


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Vrystaat Dexters / Free State Dexters

During a meeting that took place on the 24th July 1976 the Dexter Club of the Orange Free State was founded, this meeting was held under the guidance of oom Ben Jacobs a breeder in the Henneman area. At this meeting oom Ben was elected chairman together with a vice, secretary, treasurer and 3 other member that made up the management of the club.

During this time negotiations were done with Bloemshow to give the Dexter club a piece of land to build their own clubhouse. An agreement was reached and oom Ben then built a club house for the OVS Dexters. Later with the preplanning of the showground and the building of the small stock section, this clubhouse became part of them. As a result of this the current club house was then given to the Dexter club.

After 1994 the club became known as the Vrystaat Dexters. The club is not bound to members within its borders of the Free State, and is open to everybody with an interest in the breed as there are members from the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and North West.

After oom Ben stepped down as chairman he was succeeded by Prof Piet Wilke a former dean at the Free State University agriculture dept. Valuable information was also carried over by him. He was succeeded by Carel Botha who in his turn was very involved by getting members involved and also by getting members to support all the nearby shows with their Dexters. Soon the other breeds saw the Dexter back with a bang and other breeders realising this is a breed to farm with and that it is not to be mistaken for being a pet. Carel then emigrated to New Zeeland; Coen van Tonder was at the chair until 2010 with Hendrik Strydom then taking the rein.


The Vrystaat Dexter members’ ideal is to breed ‘bulldog’ free animals, as none of them make use of positive tested bulls. However you would find positive female animals on some farms or small holdings. Farmer days, festivals, shows and lectures are often held and always well attended to promote the breed to the public.

Should you want to become part of the Dexter family, then join Vrystaat Dexters.


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KZN Dexters Club

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Suidelike Dexter Klub / Southern Dexter Club

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